What are Different Types of Dental Floss?

By Walter M. Davies III April 11, 2017

Regular flossing is important for good oral hygiene because dental floss removes food particles and bacteria that are hard for your toothbrush to access. With so many different floss options available, however, how do you know which one is right for your smile? The truth is that different types of floss have different applications. No matter what kind of floss you choose, the most important thing about using dental floss is to use it every day.

String dental floss is the type of floss which most people are familiar with and use. There are many different varieties of string floss, including whether the string is waxed or not, the materials used to make the string of floss, and what flavor, if any, is used with the floss. However, each kind of floss is equally effective, so feel free to use whichever floss is most comfortable for you. For example, people with braces often prefer waxed floss, as it slides around wiring more easily.

Dental Tape is a kind of floss is similar to string floss. It's made of plastic, but it's much thicker than string floss. It's designed for people with teeth that are spaced wide apart, as regular string floss doesn't work as well for teeth with wide gaps between them.

Picks hold a piece of floss between two outstretched arms. They make flossing much easier for people with reduced hand mobility, but as the pick only holds a short length of floss it needs to be rinsed or wiped in between flossing each tooth.

Threaders have a loop of floss similar to the way a needle holds thread. Using the threader makes it easier to pass floss between the teeth and around the various parts of a dental appliance.

Inter-dental brushes are useful for people with reduced mobility is the inter-dental brush. This is a round, thin brush that slides between the teeth to remove food particles.

Water flossers are hand-held tools that emit a thin stream of water. You direct the water stream at the spaces between teeth, and washes away food and plaque particles. Again, these are useful for people with reduced mobility, or people who wear dental appliances which make flossing difficult.

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