Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

By Walter M. Davies III February 8, 2017

As humans have evolved through millennia, our jaws have become smaller. With the advent of using tools and cooking our food, we no longer needed to use our wisdom teeth to chew tough meats and vegetables. Physiologically speaking, we don’t need our wisdom teeth, and they can actually cause damage to your oral health if there is not enough space in your mouth. Some people do have room for wisdom teeth, and they grow in correctly and straight. Others, however, do not have enough room. As a result, a number of people suffer some manner of complication when their wisdom teeth grown in. Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa, therefore, offers wisdom teeth removal to prevent the occurrence of these complications.  

Wisdom Teeth Complications

The complications caused by growing wisdom teeth can take a variety of forms. Sometimes, the tooth is partially caught under the gums, causing a distended flap of gums to stretch over the tooth as it erupts. The gum tissue will then trap food atop the tooth, and decay-causing bacteria will thrive in the space. In other cases, wisdom teeth erupt from the gums and run into your other teeth because there’s not enough room for them to fully grow into the space. Impaction, as it’s called, can cause extreme discomfort and damage to your other teeth. Even if your wisdom teeth do not impact or become covered by your gums, you may feel sore as they grow in. 

How to Handle Wisdom Teeth Removal

The first thing to do is consult with your Tulsa dentist whenever your mouth is uncomfortable or sore. From there, Dr. Davies inspects your wisdom teeth and explores solutions on an individual basis. Each person has a unique set of teeth, so each case of wisdom teeth removal will be unique as well. 
Depending on your case, our Tulsa dentist may be able to extract the teeth in-house, but a specialist may be required to safely remove the wisdom teeth. 
The extraction process itself is simple. You receive instructions on your surgery months or weeks before it actually happens. Depending on the surgeon you will receive some kind of sedation. Here, at Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa, we offer nitrous sedation. Then, you are effectively unconscious or unaware the surgery is happening. It is painless and simple. 
Afterward, you have to follow a strict diet to make sure the sutures are not opened up inside your mouth and take your prescribed pain medication. Be sure to drink water and rest after the surgery. 

Contact us for Wisdom Teeth Examinations

To plan ahead for your wisdom teeth treatment, please consult with Dr. Davies and our team. With Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa, you are in good hands and we will make sure you receive the best care possible. Don’t wait before it’s too late to take care of your wisdom teeth.