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We're excited to announce the official launch of the Progressive Dental Care of Tulsa blog.

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We built our practice on the notion that we're there for our patients when they need us and we want our online presence to be a reflection of that principle. We hope this blog provides an extra level of service to our current and future patients

What is Oil Pulling, And Does It Actually Work?

Oil pulling as we know it today has been around for thousands of years and originated in ancient In...

In General

February 11, 2019

10 Things Your Dentist Would Want You to Know About Dental Exams

Everyone knows regular dental appointments are important to dental health. But perhaps you haven’t ...

In General

January 31, 2019

What Can You Expect Before, During, and After a Dental Implant Surgery?

In the initial planning and consultation stages, your dental surgeon will visually inspect the area...

In Oral Surgery

January 25, 2019

The Benefits of Porcelain Restorations

Restorations can be made of several different materials—including resin and gold. Porcelain is one o...

In Restorative

July 20, 2018

What are Different Types of Dental Floss?

Regular flossing is important for good oral hygiene because dental floss removes food particles...

By Walter M. Davies III

April 11, 2017

All About Bruxism and Night-guards

Do you wake up with a sore jaw, a tight face, or tooth pain? Then you may be suffering from bruxism....

By Walter M. Davies III

March 8, 2017

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As humans have evolved through millennia, our jaws have become smaller. With the advent of using too...

By Walter M. Davies III

February 8, 2017